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Invisible Oranges /Live Report: Alcest, Deafheaven in NYC

Alcest played Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Saturday (3/31) with support from Los Angeles’ Deafheaven and New York’s Vaura. It was Alcest’s first NYC appearance since their tour with Enslaved last September, following the release of Alcest’s Les Voyages de l’Âme, the band’s third full-length and next step in the meandering evolution of their ethereal/shoegaze/post-black metal.

The show was sold out, and Fred Pessaro (BBG) from Brooklyn Vegan deejayed a set of thrash, punk, death, grind, hardcore, and black metal to get things going. I’m pretty sure it was the only time I’ve heard Inquisition’s “Command of the Dark Crown” played as part of a DJ set. That’s awesome.

Deafheaven were next and absolutely killed it. The frontman was goddamn electrifying. He furiously belted out his lyrics, taking breaks to cover his face with his forearm in pained exasperation, and frequently stood on top of a couple of gear cases he had stacked up to dangle the mic stand above the crowd. The crowd reacted enthusiastically and began to mosh (see pics below)- something that didn’t happen for any other band that night. They played most of their debut  Roads to Judah, and were flawless in execution. Deafheaven is a must see band.

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Deafheaven Live Videos from March 31, 2012 - Brooklyn NY

DEAFHEAVEN, ALCEST and VAURA performed at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NYC on March 31, 2012.